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Case studies

Mosques Shared Services

MSS is a committee team set up by MUIS, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, as the main provider of shared financial services solution for the mosque sector In Singapore. It supports the council in providing the necessary administration platforms for MUIS programs and services that are delivered at the mosques. They disburse a variety of grants to the mosque sector.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief is one of the UK’s most prominent charities, having begun in 1985 as an aid to the Ethiopian famine. To date Comic Relief have raised over £900 million and bring support to over 70 of the world’s poorest countries.

Comic Relief’s grants strategy has been developed during a period of collaboration between the United Nations, governments, civil society and other partners, to build the momentum generated by the Millennium Development Goals, and to continue with an ambitious post 2015 agenda, which provides the broader context for their work.


The Challenge

Comic Relief desired a new system to allow organisations to apply online for funding for their projects. The overarching objective for the investment was to improve grant making effectiveness and efficiency.

The requirements for the new system were extensive and included some very specific elements for Comic Relief, for example, an advanced funds management functionality to manage their multiple strands of income.


The Solution

Comic Relief went to tender and AIMS was declared the winning solution. With such a diverse range of projects, applicants and users; ease of use was a key factor in Comic Relief’s selection of AIMS.

The project was led by the Grants Department at Comic Relief and collaborative working with Quest was central to the configuration. Building on this experience, and with some training, the Grants Department have been able to produce forms and workflows themselves to complement those created for them by Quest.

The Results

AIMS is now used to facilitate all the necessary communication required between Comic Relief and their grantees and external reviewers throughout all stages of their project funding.

AIMS provides an important source of evidence of transparency for the scrutiny placed upon NGOs like Comic Relief from a range of stakeholders. With the system in place, Comic Relief monitor and evaluate the difference their funding is making every few years.

What the client says

Comic Relief found the process of working with Quest to be an extremely supportive and constructive partnership. Quest very quickly demonstrated a thorough and detailed understanding of Comic Relief’s requirements for its new grants management system. Quest’s extensive understanding of grant-making, in a wide range of contexts, was very helpful in enabling us to finesse the finer detail of our requirements and to provide efficient and effective solutions to the issues that we were tackling.

The Implementation and Support Team at Quest are first rate. They all demonstrate a thorough and extensive knowledge of the AIMS product and they understand the complexities of grant-making. They are efficient, detailed, thorough, creative and a pleasure to work with. Throughout the implementation of the AIMS product for Comic Relief all the Quest staff have provided us with excellent support and have gone above and beyond the call of duty on a number of occasions.

We at Comic Relief are very proud of our AIMS grants management system, which we have branded GEM (Grants Evaluation Management). The feedback that we have received from our staff, external assessors, applicants and grant-holders has been excellent. AIMS is an excellent product (and certainly the best in the field when we went through a competitive tender process) and is very affordable. As a grant-maker of many years, I have not found a better ‘off the shelf solution’ for grant-making and would have no hesitation in recommending Quest or AIMS to others.

Head of Grant Operations, Comic Relief

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) is the main funder of research activities in Luxembourg. Their mission is to set up a sustainable world-class research system in Luxembourg that will generate societal and economic impact.

The FNR invests public funds and private donations into research projects in various branches of science and the humanities, with an emphasis on selected core strategic areas. Furthermore, the FNR supports and coordinates activities to strengthen the link between science and society and to raise awareness for research. It also advises the Luxembourg government on research policy and strategy.


The Challenge

The objective of the contract award was for the supply and implementation of an integrated, high performance, operational and user-friendly Information System for the management of funding programmes in FNR.

The need to develop an efficient and integrated Grant Management System (GMS) with an online application service stemmed from the increasing volumes of funding programmes and projects to be managed by FNR, due in particular to a reform of the national PhD and Postdoc Grant scheme which entered into force by law in 2008 and which entrusted the FNR with the management of the PhD and postdoc.

The Solution

In January 2009, FNR decided to implement Quest's Grant Management Software – AIMS. The system was found to meet all of FNR's “On-line Grants Service” and "back office" requirements as well as offering the flexibility to allow new schemes to be added or existing schemes to be modified without the need for expensive re-programming.

The main expectations of the FNR towards the new IT System concerned a complete operational service for typical online grant management, on the basis of predefined processes, including budget management and overall reporting and statistics.


The Results

AIMS was developed with “Communities of Practice” in mind. The system therefore gives a common working forum to everyone involved in the granting process, which in the case of FNR, includes Researchers, External Reviewers, Principle Investigators, Administrators and Scientific Research Organisations. The software now enables FNR to operate an inclusive working environment bringing the Research Community together in an integrated on-line community.
AIMS now manages the three major funding activities at the FNR:

  • The AFR research-training grants for PhD and postdoc
  • The multi-annual research programmes
  • The research accompanying measure
What the client says

We have been using AIMS now for longer than a year and it has been a great help in tackling the increased number of grant applications for our research schemes in an efficient and integrated Grant Management System.

We have found that by defining properly the research schemes initially and establishing the correct information that AIMS needs to run on, that nowadays, our organization can generate and retrieve information that important stakeholders require from us, in a short time period, effortlessly and accurately.

AIMS technical support are fantastic, they listen to requirements of their customers and with every new release; there is always something novel to maintain the program up-to-date with our research schemes and the grant industry in general.

Since AIMS was introduced we have seen a huge improvement in the efficiency of the process and the governance / audit. Our auditors have commented to this fact. Also the AIMS workflow is the best in the market.

IT Manager, Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg